Our artist Statement


Paintings and images by : Bacco Artolini.

Main organizer of performances: Onico ( performer and concept) and Bacco Artolini (concept and masks).


Artist that often collaborate with us:

– Giulia Foschini (violinist-Italy)

– Linda Ricci (dance teacher and coreograper-Italy)

Karl Heinz Jeron (robot creator and programmer and also musician- Germany-Berlin)

Nardina Zubanovic (performer- Bosnia and Herzegovina-Sarajevo)


all articles are written by:

Renzo Destini (fragments and thoughts)

– Amalia Gentileschi ( poetryes and thoughts)

– Bacco Artolini (thoughts and captions)

– Timothy lavenz (poetryes)


Other important collaborators:










random pictures from our events






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