Timothy Lavenz: Nomad


Gericault painting Meduse Bacco Artolini intervention

Intervention by Bacco Artolini on ” The raft of the Medusa” Jean Louis Théodore Géricault (1818-1819)



Each a pack traveling,

come from going to,

laws of before all insufficient,

principle of after unknown,

wherein each discerns,

the shattering of a way

in mission’s synchronicity

paved by ripening signs.


The astounded relater

in the middle of every maze

takes in a taste of the air,

shivers and hears dancing

a tune in the frantic turns,

certainties chipped away

by every marvel of the eye,

no clue what time it is,

nor waiting for clear outlet,

or just collapse into sleep

with never an answer.


Such is how I enter it,

made out of metal and worse,

strong, but rhythm-bound

to the whole grand quake-

occasion, wherein I shake

coughing loud enough to wake

myself from tumbling

through mind’s cobwebs,

head starting and upright

towards whichever next gate,

where I shall cancel my pace

and make a fresh ritual

of amazements unborn.


Timothy Lavenz                                                                                                      Berlin 2018




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