Timothy Lavenz: Oath

remix Caravaggio- Madonna dei pellegrini.jpg

intervention by Bacco Artolini on “Madonna dei pellegrini” Caravaggio ( 1604-1606)



Worked out hard

on glossy favor’s white rim,

 thought’s resolution-

pact draining pool of sense:


so loud the ether’s itch, louder

than primordial blank unmixed.


Huddling over it, spying

invisible fissures in it

consecrated and condensed:

immobily we fizzle, fiendish,

stirring up lonesome sounds in the still,

shut up in absolute proof

of listening’s comeuppance


for reception’s matchless repute―

our co-alloyed axis-groove

sudden as freedom’s mark

in tumble-word’s eye-

magnified truce.


Elaborate then , stranger ,

on peaks of raining dust

this toxin’s grace, each oath


into naming’s resonance

best known seed and stay.



Timothy Lavenz                                                                                          Berlin 2018

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