About the last collection “Exodos”: is stronger than me ..


I though the research inside “Exodos” was completed, but i felt  a block, yestarday moorning, something illogical, incomprehensible, was yet to come out.
As often happens to me, the period of high mental energy, where creativity seems to spring spontaneously from an unknown source of awareness, alternates with a period in which, the same creativity  gushes from a different source.

Often  this second source is the anxiety of living, but in this case are currents impressed by night dreams (so can say anxiety of dreaming), in short, visions of the night before.

As if suddenly, the muse change with a sister, without saying goodbye.

I’m always very good at identifying explanations, links and titles to everything ..

I realize how purely speculative it is .. But sometimes is stronger than me ..


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