“EXODOS” The Creatan collection

It was made in Crete (Greece) from july to september 2016.

For who want to have a soft introduction to the pictures , i suggest to read, before,  the three short articles, in order: Minotaur, Icarus, Aphrodite.

I found important to write those articles to introduce the pictures ; the digital world is aseptic.. there’s no sofference, no romance..


BAcco Artolini-Feticcio di un'illusione- collezione

“Feticcio di un’illusione”

Bacco Artolini- Tuffo madreperla- collection

” Tuffo madreperla”

Bacco Artolini-

“Morning Glory”

Icaro board

full Icarus Board

Detail n 1 Icaro board

Detail: Paleolitical venus possessed by icarus.. And the minotaur in the bottom of the labirinth

Detail n 1 Icaro board

Detail: Dedalo gives him the wings..

Detail n3 Icaro board

Detail: Science duality labirinth.

Detail n3 Icaro boardimg-20160908-wa0008

Detail 5 icaro board

Detail: The universe became Narcisus in Icarus tears


Detail: Icarus find his moon side

Detail n 8 Icaro board

detail n 9 icaro board

Detail: Aphrodite on a gentle bull..


Minotaur zombie


The Aphrodite board..

tavola 2


Tavola 2


Bacco Artolini- Tuffo madreperla- collection

” Tuffo madreperla”


Minotaur vinil n1


Theseus vinil n 5


Icarus vinil n 6

vinile 4 33 giri

vilin n 2

Vinil 3 33 giri

vinil n 3

Vinil 2 33 giri

vinil n 4

Bacco Artolini-Bacco Artolini-Bacco Artolini-

2 thoughts on ““EXODOS” The Creatan collection

  1. I like very much ” Morning glory ” your approach for the painting of the sky is always so créative to touching like magic . I also like all your messages hidden in your painting . It take sometime a Life to be famous but you deserve it already . Keep shining this way Mister Artolini .

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